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Relive the magic of Elevate 2021

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Welcome and Vision
The secret (yet simple) skill that turns every person into a leader
What's next: product announcements for 2022
The hidden tips and tricks of monday.com you didn't know you needed
Work, reimagined: transforming the way we work
How to be fast and flexible: monday.com's recipe for a winning culture
Say goodbye to spreadsheets: reimagine the way you work
Digitizing NGOs around the world with monday.com
Backstage with TodayTix: Transforming internal processes with a digital disruptor mindset
Reclaim your workweek: save time, breathe easier and maximize your ROI
Now streaming: how one group at Hulu seamlessly connects teams for maximum efficiency
Power your team's best work with monday.com Work OS.
Agile practices that are fueling marketing teams in 2021
Out of the box strategies that will accelerate your creative processes
What’s trending: our best practices for empowering teams to work better together
How to show up on the first page of Google
Responding to social media trends and tensions: what marketers really need to know
Accelerate your marketing processes and drive impactful campaigns.
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The gear-shifting strategies Nissan engineers use to drive project success
How to run complex portfolios and cut costs by $50,000/month
How to run your projects more efficiently with any PM Methodology
Maximum impact, minimum tracking: the process of building the right work processes
Manage any project or portfolio from one flexible platform.
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monday CRM: how to run your entire sales cycle on one platform
Panel: From field sales to SaaS: imagining the future of sales
The keys to a strong foundation for strategic account management
Winning processes that shape stronger sales team
Handle every aspect of your sales pipeline seamlessly in one space.
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Why every R&D department needs a Work OS
How monday’s R&D uses monday - to build monday
Agile into action: contextualizing sprints in monday.com
Plan, execute, and collaborate on innovative products.
Build winning workflows that work for you
Become a power user with monday Apps
How to (easily) build amazing Dashboards
Discover what you can build, run, and scale on monday.com Work OS.
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